About The Elemental Being

and founder Brandy Osborne

You can strive for excellence, peak performance, gold and still feel calm, centred and fulfilled in your life.

The Elemental Being is a platform for health care professionals to unite and be guided as they pursue health, wellness and vitality; while also pursuing excellence within their careers.

We help clinicians do hard things, so their lives and practices are easy.

We redefine what excellence and success should feel and look like. We believe that you can strive for excellence and peak performance in all elements of your life and feel calm, centred and fulfilled.

We believe that you can achieve anything you want in life when you are surrounded by holistic education, inspiration, integration, and a supportive community. To not only achieve anything you want, but arrive at the top of your ambition mountain surrounded by your loved ones, grateful and able to look ahead and plan the next playful pursuit of adventure.

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Ride with us as we playfully pursue lifelong mastery of self.
Where creativity and fun are the foundation in all of our adventures.

Do hard things and your life will be easy.
Do easy things and your life will be hard.
- Les Brown

Brandy Osborne

Founder, Elemental Coach, and RMT.

Hello, hello! I’m Brandy, and I help health care professionals reclaim their health, wellness and vitality in their lives and practices.

There was a time that I felt I was achieving greatness. I was working with professional athletes, had my own practice, was the lead Sport Massage Therapist with the Canadian National Women’s Hockey Team, taught at Vancouver Career College, Kelowna Campus for their RMT program treated Artists with Cirque du Soleil, was the president of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association ~ BC Chapter, organized two National Sport Medicine Conferences and volunteered for countless hours with the Grindstone Award Foundation. I was so inspired and proud, but it all started to feel hard, heavy and debilitating at times.

I believed that excellence and success should feel hard.

That you should feel achy and tired, be busy with no time for my family or friends, sleep less so you can be more productive. “Sleep is for the weak,” I would say, and 2-3 cups of caffeine a day was a part of my recipe for success.

I started receiving signals from my body – feeling tired but wired, anxious, in and out of overwhelming and unable to regulate my breath. I knew then I had to change my life.

One day I  had this clear thought, does success have to feel hard, to be hard?
Is it still a success if there is not a struggle?

“I found support”

I started diving down the rabbit hole of myself. I practiced strategies to regain my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I had a realization that I must pursue excellence in other pillars of my life; wellness, self-care, and family. Some of what I now call our Elemental Pillars.

I realized that for years as I pursued excellence in my career, I forgot about myself. I am still proud of all of my achievements and experiences! I look back with so much gratitude and appreciation; I am so grateful that I had this awakening and started to listen to my body, intuition and reclaim my true self. I now feel what I call “High Performance Bliss.”

“High Performance Bliss.”

That feeling of fulfillment in all of the elemental pillars of our life. A state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual joy; where the endorphins of success, strength, and determination are within us; and we are calm, centered, and present. In this state we will arrive at the top of our mountain with more energy than ever, surrounded by our community and ready for the next adventure.


Officially a Registered Massage Therapist

Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association (CSMTA)Certificate Candidate Program. Opened Optimal Health Clinic in Kamloops BC.


Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association, BC Representative and Thompson Nicola Event Coordinator.

Sport Therapist ~ Kamloops Storm Junior B Hockey Team.


Sport Therapy Chair, National Gymnastics Championships.

Treasurer and Secretary ~ CSMTA BC Chapter


Western Canadian Summer Games Sport Therapy Chair.

President of the CSMTA - BC Chapter. Hosted first AGM CSMTA.


Officially a Nationally Certified Sport Massage Therapist with the Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association.

Sport Therapist and First Responder ~ TRU WolfPack Men's hockey team.


Sport Massage Therapist with Hockey Canada Senior Women’s Boot Camp.

Sport Massage Therapist with Hockey Canada, U18 Selection Camp. Hosted National Sport Medicine Conference – Kelowna, BC.


Vancouver Career College, Kelowna Campus, RMT Program Instructor

Lifemark Health Center RMT Best Practice Leader, BC. Hockey Canada Women Win Gold in Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.


Won Gold in Füssen Germany, Hockey Canada U22 Nations Cup


Toronto Pan Am Games, Practice Leader at the Etobicoke Olympium

Sport Massage Therapist, U18 Worlds with Hockey Canada in St. Catherines, Ontario. Drank out of the Stanley Cup with Justin Schultz of the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Therapist for Cirque Du Soleil Crystal, Kelowna BC.

Used CPR and AED to save a gentleman's Life. I pursued life a little different after that.


Hosted National Sport Medicine Conference in Vancouver BC,

4 courses, symposium, hot seat guests and so much more. It was after this event that I realized I was meant to host and create more of these opportunities.


Hosted 2nd Annual Grindstone Award Foundation Charity Tournament.

Led 50+ volunteers, earned the “Difference Maker Award,” and helped raise enough for 50 girls to play hockey.


Founded The Elemental Being…

“Where high performance bliss is possible.”

We do not rise to the level of our expectations.
We fall to the level of our training.
- Archilochus

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