"A story is experiential wisdom"
Brandy Osborne

In this SUCCESS TV interview with Crystal Cremers, Brandy shares more insights into her latest brainchild: the “IamReWilding Movement.”

Inspired by her life journey as an Elemental Being and Multidimensional Therapist, Brandy delves deeper into how her career as an RMT, and later being a speaker, coach, and writer, has now led to creating this movement to continue help people feeling whole and at peace. She talks about the importance of being able to navigate life with ease physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and how all her experiences naturally built her for this movement.

Join this conversation to find out more about why IamReWilding matters, why you should join, and why you should care to learn the tools, strategies, and practices to claim peace and presence, and wellness in your body.

For more information on Crystal and her endeavors visit her website www.crystalcremers.com.

Brandy had the honor to be one of five amazing women to share her rewilding journey in this in-person event. All the speakers came together to tell their stories of overcoming obstacles, and sharing the tools and practices that helped them show up stronger. Brandy allowed herself to be real and vulnerable as she tapped into a scary experience that shifted her relationship with herself and allowed her to look deeper into the essence of ME. As you watch and listen to her walk through her journey, do so with an open heart.

Link for more event information: https://www.crystalcremers.com/power-up

Listen to Collaborative Vision, Episode 3, where Brandy sits down with Dr. Paul Rollett to share her wisdom on how it’s better to fail than to fake perfection.

After spending over 18 years practicing, teaching and continuously adding to her expertise as a Registered Massage Therapist, Brandy shares insights into how her mind as a healthcare professional works. Join her, as she ponders on how to grow in a career your love.

Listen to Episode 182 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports.  

In this episode, recorded during the NET360 Goalie Camp put on by Alpha Hockey in Kelowna, the multi-dimensional therapist Brandy Osborne talks about The Elemental Athlete and some of her Elemental Practices. She guides her listeners through simple yet highly effective exercises that benefit both athletes to excel their performance, as well as anyone else interested in being in tune with their body.

Enjoy the entire episode, also featuring James Reimer of the San Jose Sharks, or fast forward to 59:40 to find out more about Brandy, The Elemental Athlete and the Elemental Practices.

Listen to Brandy Osborne on Table Talks, presented by Stretching Canada, talk about pursuing her passion for treating athletes and following her calling to become a Nationally Certified Sport Massage Therapist (CSMTA).

The interview explores Brandy’s experience working with organizations and events representing some of the most renowned professional athletes and performers in the world: NHL, Hockey Canada, Cirque de Soleil, Pan-Am games, National Gymnastics Championships, BC Winter Games, and more. 

Find out about Brandy’s leadership roles representing other healthcare professionals and what inspired the birth of The Elemental Being.

While this article shines light on Brandy Osborne’s work with some of the world’s most elite athletes, she reminds that her passion also lies in helping all individuals who pursue exercise to better their lives. Brandy thrives helping people be more flexible and move with ease, and is always on the lookout to add more expertise and experience to her work as an RMT and CSMTA. 

She enjoys teaching future RMTs at the Vancouver Career College in Kelowna and values the time she spends volunteering as the president of the BC chapter of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association.