Project-ReWild Virtual Retreat

Many of us have been on a journey to reclaim our health already; we have been looking for groups of others wanting to do the same. We appreciate the wisdom and teaching of nature and find ourselves in nature often. Ultimately, we want to feel healthy, whole, and full of vitality to give back to our family and community. However, we have found ourselves being pulled by society’s perceptions, noise and light pollution, traffic, shopping malls, devices/social media/podcasts and many things that are taking us further away from nature and our innate elemental nature.

Many have become unwell, dysregulated, scattered, empty, overstimulated, unfocussed, and living life either empty with a lack of hope and ambition or overcharged with cortisol and anxiety.

This course will provide and guide you on a journey to gain knowledge, tools, practices and processes to ReWild and ReClaim your true elemental nature. It will also open the portal to our Project-ReWild community with other men and women who want to gain energy, direction and vitality alongside you.

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Project-ReWild Features

What you will discover:

  • A guided playbook to daily and situationally use the elemental practices provided to recalibrate, regenerate, energize, and activate your innate nature.
  • A path of self-awareness, discovery, acceptance, intention, integration, compassion, values to virtues, creation and autonomy.
  • A deep reservoir of innate primal intelligence ready to be utilized to connect and reclaim your intuitive and instinctual nature.
  • A sense of peace and clarity in your heart where all your heart-led aspirations and actions will come from.


  • Webinars and Q&A (Video Recording, Self-Inquiry, PlayBook and Dopecord).
  • Community Connection and Integration Calls (Recorded).
  • Weekly special messages for our group to ignite another layer of pondering, awakening, and follow-through.
  • Private Group Forum.
  • 2 Sessions 1:1 Elemental Coaching (30 minutes).

Meet Your Guide

My name is Brandy Osborne and I am a unique combination of an internationally accomplished healthcare professional, entrepreneur, writer, poet, coach, and speaker. In 2021 I founded The Elemental Being, a platform that combines my passion for healing and health.

A Registered Massage Therapist with over 18 years of experience, I have organized and participated in national conferences, taught future massage therapists, and have been the president of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association, BC Chapter. My healthcare expertise has been sought out by the Canadian National Women’s Hockey Team, Cirque du Soleil, and multiple NHL players, five of whom won the Stanley Cup while I was working alongside them.

As a Multidimensional Therapist, I regularly create insightful and helpful videos on my social media platforms, write blogs, offer one-on-one and group coaching, and speak at podcasts and events dedicated to strengthening individuals and community. My latest milestone is writing my first book “Rewilding in Relationship with Self”, and building Project-ReWild.

In one of my journals, I wrote, ”Gather when we feel scared and lost.” Encouraged and inspired by this quote, I hosted my first live “Rewilding in Relationship with Self” event in June 2023, in Kelowna, BC. Here I got the opportunity to stand in front of like-minded souls and share my raw and real experiences of how I became desperate and needed to come back to loving, respecting and trusting myself. 

Through Project-ReWild, I want to continue to teach people to approach their challenges with curiosity and an open mind, as they forge a way to their authentic self.

What to expect from this virtual retreat?

Live Webinars Q&A sessions

Community Calls

Private Group Forum

Project-ReWild Virtual Retreat 1.0 2024

Courses and materials


Registration for this retreat has closed.

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