Rewilding in Relationship with Self

My journey back to my soul.

Brandy’s pursuit to rewild, the real and raw human experiences that led her off the grid, and how she now rewilds daily to claim peace.

Date: June 29, 2023
Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Location: Innovation Center
Cost: $55

PROCEEDS go to Elevation Outdoors, a local community supported program that provides outdoor experiences for youth to gain skills and leadership.

About Brandy Osborne

Brandy Osborne is a unique combination of an internationally accomplished healthcare professional, entrepreneur, writer, poet, coach, and speaker. She founded The Elemental Being in 2021 as a platform that combines her passion for healing and health.

A Registered Massage Therapist with over 18 years of experience, Brandy has organized and participated in national conferences, taught future massage therapists, and has been the president of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association, BC Chapter.

Her healthcare expertise has been sought out by the Canadian National Women’s Hockey Team, Cirque du Soleil, and multiple NHL players, five of whom won the Stanley Cup while Brandy was working alongside them.

As a Multidimensional Therapist, she regularly creates insightful and helpful videos on her social media platforms, writes blogs, offers one-on-one and group coaching, and speaks at podcasts and events dedicated to strengthening individuals and community. Her latest milestone is writing her first book, “Rewilding in Relationship with Self”, and organizing her first Elemental Being event.

In one of her journals, Brandy wrote,”Gather when we feel scared and lost.”

This event is rooted in Brandy’s raw and real experiences, after she became desperate and needed to come back to loving, respecting and trusting herself. She now has the thirst to share the wisdom gained from these experiences.

You will hear of a woman who by herself in the middle of the winter went off the grid to a remote cabin, and spent almost a month disconnecting herself from distractions, to reconnect to nature and her true self. With no one but herself to rely on, Brandy had to fend for herself for warmth and food, soothe herself, and get to know her angels and demons.

Brandy rewilded herself by submerging herself into nature, daily taking nude walks in the snow, snowshoeing alongside bobcat and cougar prints while also reading, journaling, meditating, doing breathwork and kundalini yoga, having saunas and outdoor fire heated baths and finishing with cold therapy.

Every day, Brandy revisited the 14 journals she filled with writing in 2022, immersing herself in past and current experiences, her beliefs and values. She witnessed and accepted all that arrived in her mind. In the process, emotional storms arose and brought with them clarity and wisdom. As the storms passed, Brandy landed with herself, awakened her inner child, and forgave herself, her ancestors and others for the hurt and pain along the way.

The book and event–Rewilding in Relationship with Self–were born out of the writings, love letters and poems Brandy wrote to herself as she playfully explored her new-found self. She wants to show you that unhealthy patterns that are built on challenging experiences can be broken, that wisdom to self-discovery can be found in unexpected places and circumstances, and that we all deserve to give and receive love freely.

Alongside powerful and heartfelt stories of her journey, Brandy also offers practical tools and wisdom to encourage you to embark on your own rewilding journey with confidence and trust in yourself.