A Project-ReWild
Off The Grid Experience

Gather at a sacred place to heal and expand.

June 20-23, 2024 

Excited and elated, I am sharing my first Project-ReWild all-inclusive retreat at Akehurst Lake Wilderness Resort, located outside Barrier, BC. 

This 3-day experience is for those ready to gather in person and receive a transformative experience that will amplify and expand your ability to tap into your elemental nature. Guided by Brandy Osborne and joined by 8 other participants, you will reach a higher level of health, wellness and self-love.

The first day of our retreat (June 20th) is also Summer Solstice, representing a new beginning. This is the perfect time to seek spiritual and physical nourishment to grow and evolve. Immersed in nature, the days will be filled with a mix of self-discovery, solitude, restoration and regeneration. At night, we’ll gather by the fire, looking up at unfiltered stars and under a Capricorn strawberry full moon.

You’ll find rest in cozy private cabins. Water and other refreshments will be provided. Chef Anthony Bucci will curate all our nourishing food experiences, using local and meaningful food choices to add flavor and depth to this journey.

Price: $1100




Brandy Osborne

Brandy has a deep-rooted passion for the entire human experience. Through serving in the healthcare field for many years and with her own raw experiences, she has landed in a humble space of gratitude for the ups and downs that come with life.

She has a mission to educate, empower and inspire men and women to reach their highest potential and to reclaim their elemental nature. Brandy had a time when she had lost her way and realized that she needed to go on a ReWilding Journey to connect deeper with herself; she needed to love, respect and trust herself. This journey took over two years and has been a daily practice in her life since.

Brandy’s 1:1 Elemental Coaching sessions and Soulcation Retreats are about reconnecting with oneself and reclaiming self-love and respect. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn tools to navigate life’s challenges, understand oneself better, and find peace. By the end of the session, you will feel inspired, educated, and empowered to live up to your true potential.

Anthony Bucci

Anthony is passionate about flavor, savoring the ingredients and the cooking process, and sharing his culinary creations with his community.

He has been importing and distributing Marina Colonna olive oils since 2013. He proudly procures this award-winning, estate-bottled liquid gold from his ancestral homeland of Molise, Italy.

Anthony passionately cooks all things Italian with a range of single/multi-varietal and fused/infused flavoured oils from this award-winning Italian producer.

Champion of the Slow-Food movement, Anthony takes great pleasure getting his product from farm to table.

For this Soulcation retreat, while the guests nourish their souls in the beauty of nature and Brandy’s spiritual guidance, Anthony has prepared a menu that will showcase the variety and beauty of locally sourced ingredients.

Johnny & Amy

With a lifetime of experience and love for the outdoors, Johnny and Amy created the Akehurst Lake Wilderness Resort to share their love for nature and off-the-grid experience with other folks. This delightful rustic resort is perfect for anyone looking for a remote getaway surrounded by lakes, endless trails and miles of forest services roads for exploring between lakes.

Each log cabin, as well as the day lodge, were constructed by hand from surrounding trees. To add to the feeling of being out in the wilderness, ground access to the resort is restricted to ATVs, snowmobiles, or by foot.

Both Johnny and Amy appreciate the value of disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with nature, and invite all guests to fully immerse themselves in all the beauty and tranquility found at the resort.

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