The Elemental Athlete

Wherever you are in your journey of sport or life, The Elemental Athlete series will support you with practices, tools and strategies to navigate the entirety of your experience.

Brandy is an Elemental Being, coach, and Multidimensional Therapist. She has passionately supported young men and women for over 18 years to achieve peace and presence through the game of life with her elemental practices and tools.

  • 6-Week Journey to Rewild the Instinctual Athlete
  • Ages: Young Men and Women Aged 19 – 25
  • July 10th-August 14th
  • 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • $35/session
  • 6 Session package: $150 (save $60 and leave with the full circle)
  • Limited to 20 Students

This series will guide you to:

  • Awaken the instinctual Athlete. The one that is primal, present, calm, alert, ready, steady and responsive to the game of life.
  • Connect with the intelligence of your vision and the gateway to your nervous system to be in the game vs thinking about the game.
  • Use the breath as a tool to become present and think clearly, while also using it as a conduit to enhance your performance, speed, strength, agility and the ability to navigate the storms of life.
  • Bring awareness to the fluid dynamics within you, the energy currency of the cellular and energetic being that needs to be receptive, responsive and agile in the game of life.
  • Use the Elemental Practices to regain your Primal Intelligence and take action in the storms and challenges of life.
  • Use your innate instincts to create routines, habits and rituals to etch your path towards your ambitions in life and sport.

Weekly Class Schedule:

July 10 ~ Awakening the Instinctual Athlete                                                                                        Primal Senses and how they are the missing link to our success.
Awareness, Intention, Presence & Conscious Connected Choices.             

Week 1 – Elemental Practices (EP): Primal Sensory Activation.

July 17 ~ Vision and the Gateway to the Nervous System.
Mental agility, vision and connecting with each moment.
Harness your vision to direct your ambition and game.

Week 2 – EP: Vision to claim a calm, present and accurate state.

July 24 ~ The Hidden Potential of Breath and Performance.
Harnessing breath for buoyancy, agility, strength and mental acuity.
The primal zone and connection to our inhale and exhale.

Week 3 EP: Breath strategies to claim Primal, Alert, and Ready.

July 31 ~ Harnessing Your Fluidic and Energetic Resources.
Cellular Fluid Dynamics, Receptivity and Responsive Agility.
Environment, Mirroring, Power of Presence and Choice.

Week 4 EP: Awareness, Breath, Gateway to Perception.

August 07 ~ Self-Creation, Discovery and Values vs Virtues
Using the tools above to reclaim your instinctual and primal nature.
How to navigate through the storms of life. The unknown future.

Week 5 EP: Be With, Hold Space, Journaling, Self-Autonomy

August 14 ~ Instincts, Routes and Actualizing the Primal Zone.
Habits, routines and daily rewilding in the game of life.
Harmonizing primal senses, etching pathways.

Week 6 EP: Recalibration and Creating Time and Space

Description of The Elemental Athlete Event Experience:

Every week Brandy will not only provide the science and art behind the teaching, but she will also guide students through an experience resulting in the immediate integration of these tools into their workouts, practices, and their day-to-day lives.

Students can plan on receiving a handout and email for the elemental practices. About 20% of the time will be spent going over these practices and answering questions, 50% of the time being guided in practical strategies, and the remainder of the time doing breathwork, meditation and practices unique to our group.

Students can choose to join the entire 6-week series to experience all the practices or they can select individual sessions as each is complete on its own.

Pranify will provide bolsters and pilates blocks for comfort in a seated position. Students are asked to bring their yoga mat, water, comfortable clothes to move in, a notepad, a pen, and a keen interest in learning a new tool.

Get to know Brandy

Brandy Osborne is the founder of The Elemental Being and Athlete.  She is a Registered Massage Therapist, Coach, and Multidimensional Therapist with 18 years of experience and supports many on their path to excellence with a special interest working alongside young male and female athletes.

She has had a rainbow of experiences throughout her career: working with Hockey Canada for seven years, Cirque Du Soleil, and the Pan Am Games. She currently works with 25 NHL players, five of whom she supported for many years leading up to their Stanley Cup wins. She works with literally all athletes and beings of all ages.

She is grateful that her career is also her passion for supporting athletes who have a heart-led thirst for high performance in their sport and life and are willing to become dedicated to the little things that matter. 

She helps athletes reclaim their primal, instinctual nature through many elemental practices and tools for the entire spectrum of their lives. These tools build pathways to create direct communication with the nervous and energetic systems, creating physiological and chemical shifts to claim a calm, present, and responsive presence.

She guides athletes to use their primal senses to come into the states they need to harness their energy and achieve their goals. Using the primal senses with awareness and intention alters the chemistry and physiology of the body, making the athlete the alchemist of their experience. 

Brandy coaches the athlete through practices to reclaim their elemental nature, sharing resources to become centred and whole mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, and on a soul level. 

The Elemental Athlete program and process helps the athlete reclaim their instinctual nature and the joy of the game through the storms and all that is building them. Her mission is for the athletes who engage in this program to feel well and whole as they become the highest and most authentic version of themselves as they playfully pursue the game of life.