The Elemental Therapist

Join other health care professionals as we pursue lifelong mastery within our practices and our lives.

Join Brandy Osborne in a person one on one session to ignite your pursuit of lifelong mastery within your practice and your life. These sessions are either in person or over Zoom. We will focus on your ambitions as a health care professional. Whether you are looking to take your hands on skills and critical thinking skills to another level, open your own clinic, or pretty much any ambition we will tackle it together. 

From: $167.00

Join The Elemental Therapist Community

A community for high achieving clinicians that want to keep diving down the rabbit hole of their practices. We will have many unique offerings to explore the interception of science, practice and intuition.Together we will play, explore and bring adventure into our practices.

Meet our founder, Brandy

Brandy has been passionately pursuing health and wellness for over 20 years. She loves to share her knowledge and experience as she creates opportunities for communities and leaders to gather and ignite their true potential.

She is here to support you and our community in any way she can, but primarily to create a safe space to playfully and curiously explore what lies beneath our knowing of self. She believes in the lifelong pursuit of mastery and is ready to join your pursuit alongside you and our community.

She welcomes you to jump aboard and enjoy this beautiful journey of life.