Nesting ~ A Journey of Structure and Freedom

Are you ready to join others on an 11-week journey to create structure and freedom in your life? To playfully pursue a relationship with yourself while learning and practicing new tools and practices to claim peace, wellness and vitality?

Brandy will guide this entire experience. She will not only guide you through foundational practices of awareness, intention, acceptance, compassion, responsibility, values, and integrity; she will also guide you through daily practices, tools and strategies to support you on the path to learning self-compassion, communication, boundaries, and self-reliance. You not only receive 11 community 1.5-hour online sessions, you also receive two one-one-one guided thirty-minute sessions with Brandy to playfully pursue your depth, purpose and passion.

This is a program to support the men and women who realize they need to create a deeper connection to who they are and what is important to them and to gain stability, focus and daily rituals to claim health, freedom and structure in their lives.

Brandy will guide this entire experience; it will be playful and liberating and take you on a journey that will transform your life. We as humans need structure, stability and a clear understanding of who we are in this moment. We also need daily practices, rituals and tools to liberate ourselves and attain a calm heart-led presence.

This program is built on the back of 18 years of experience working one on one with patients supporting them in all their ambitions, my cocooning 1.0 and 2.0 programs, with my own personal life experiences and a keen passion for falling deeper in love with myself and therefore deeper in love with my life.

We will dive into awareness, intention, values, beliefs, acceptance, responsibility, ownership, compassion, communication and more. Every week there will be a playbook to support the journey and Elemental Practices to create direction, grace, play and ease.

If you are ready to join a community and playfully participate while creating the nest from which all your dreams and ambitions will come to fruition, this is the program for you.


Weekly Group Nesting Zooms: February 22 – May 03, 2023, 11 Wednesdays,  4:30 pm – 6:00 pm PST, All sessions are recorded.

2 On-on-One: 30-minute guidance calls with Brandy per participant.

Registration Limit: 15 people total can attend. This ensures time within the community to share personal experiences on each call and learn from each other.

Investment: Early Bird: $675 per person February 15th, $795 and your time, attention and participation and play of course.

Registration Closes on February 20th.

Every week you will get a PDF Playbook to guide your journey, Practices and tools to support you in claiming peace, health, and vitality. As well as a community for connection, inspiration and accountability.

The Steps to Build your Nest:

February 22, Keystones to our Nest, Awareness and Intention and Celebration of Life for yesterday’s nest.

March 01, Values, Beliefs and Integrity, Goals

March 08, I AM, Power of Presence, Hidden Obstacles and Routinizing.

March 15, Responsibility, Ownership and Meaning of Life.

March 22, Inner and Outer Environment

March 29, Communication, Sovereignty, and Consideration.

April 05, Navigation of Barriers and Challenges, Allowance and Boundaries.

April 12, Emotions, Connection and Recalibration

April 19, Spirit, Soul, Energetic, Physical, Mental, and Emotional Bodies.

April 26, Peace, Love, Abundance, Gratitude, Beauty.

May 03, Reflection, Revelation, Realization, Transformation Integration, Abundance, Contentment.


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Meet our founder, Brandy

Brandy has been passionately pursuing health and wellness for over 20 years. She loves to share her knowledge and experience as she creates opportunities for communities and leaders to gather and ignite their true potential.

She is here to support you and our community in any way she can, but primarily to create a safe space to playfully and curiously explore what lies beneath our knowing of self. She believes in the lifelong pursuit of mastery and is ready to join your pursuit alongside you and our community.

She welcomes you to jump aboard and enjoy this beautiful journey of life.

The Elemental Therapist

Join other health care professionals as we pursue lifelong mastery within our practices and lives. 

We will unite and invite other leaders to discuss and explore many subjects and the intersection of science and intuition. We will pursue depth in all pillars of our practices; united, we will grow and not only have a positive impact with our practice but within our own lives.