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Welcome to The Elemental Being, a platform helping you rediscover your true nature. We embrace a holistic approach to help you ReWild by gaining knowledge, awareness, and practices. We work together to awaken our primal intelligence, recalibrate our senses, and create a fulfilling life. 

Join our community for programs, resources, coaching, and ongoing education. Let’s playfully pursue your depth, purpose, and passion with awareness and intention. Together, we will continuously ReWild and prosper.

My name is Brandy Osborne, I am the founder and the leader of this Project-ReWild expedition to reclaim your true elemental nature. After over 18 years of working hands-on, supporting souls in their Human Performance endeavours, I had a series of personal challenges that were the portal for a deep transformation. I went from being my worst enemy and critic to respecting, loving and trusting myself. It was exactly what I needed to understand my deeper purpose and mission: to support other men and women to transform themselves from their life’s challenges on their own self-love, responsibility, and liberation journey.

I created The Elemental Being platform to empower you with knowledge, tools and practices to ignite your innate potential. We must ReWild and return to our true elemental nature; from here, we become the alchemists of our experience and can actualize our heart-led aspirations.

It would be my pleasure to share the wisdom I have accumulated with my career and life experiences with you, and then to follow through and witness your Project-ReWild transformation journey would be my life’s mission coming to fruition.

to the Elemental Being!

A revolutionary program and platform to return to your true elemental nature.

The Elemental Being is a revolutionary platform representing a vital shift toward rediscovering our authentic selves. A guided path and adventure to tap into your innate physiological resources to reclaim your energy, direction and vitality. From here, you have the knowledge, awareness, intention and tools to create a life you love. 

Through ReWilding programs, courses, retreats, one-on-one sessions, group presentations, blogs, writing, and more, you are led through experiences to gain acceptance and ownership and discover who you are. A path is provided with practices and tools to create freedom in your life. Together, our community members support, inspire and learn from each other. 

By embracing a journey of self-discovery, adopting healthy practices, and nurturing vitality, we can collectively spread peace, love, and unity from within to the global community.

Most who join our programs and communities do so because something within their heart says it’s time to become involved and engaged with their life. It’s time to receive knowledge, support, and a community to be accountable to while sharing and receiving wisdom and insights. 

The moment you say yes, you start empowering yourself, activating a motion toward your soul’s quest for fulfillment, meaning, and purpose.


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Message from our founder

After years of relentlessly pursuing excellence, I realized that my health and lifestyle choices did not align with my true nature. The constant stimulation from the world around me was pulling me in different directions, and I felt unsettled. My inner critic was speaking loud and clear, and I had to make a change.

After experiencing deep hurt and reflection, I came to the powerful realization that I deserve happiness and good health. This realization fueled my determination to embark on a journey of self-discovery I called ReWilding, where I reconnected with my true elemental nature. Through this transformative process, I have developed a platform to empower others with the same tools that have revolutionized my life.

Committing to my ReWilding journey daily has brought me joy, clarity, and a newfound sense of purpose. Witnessing smiles and tears, I see a liberating growth and connection unfold in those I reach. The Elemental Being is a platform where I guide others as they pursue the Project-ReWild experience; an adventure, path, program and platform that takes men and women on a journey to create a vital shift toward rediscovering their authentic selves.

All of my creations through The Elemental Being site will provide you with a self-discovery experience where you will adopt healthy practices, and nurture your vitality, and together with our community and Project-ReWild, we will collectively spread peace, love, and unity from within to the global community. 

It would absolutely be my pleasure to meet you at one of my offerings and embark on this self-discovery and transformation journey alongside you. 

Join The Elemental Being Vibration and begin your ReWilding Journey!

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Unlock your potential by embracing your innate nature.