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I help men, women and young adults reclaim clarity, ease and play within their relationship with themselves. 

We are here to discover and fully embrace all the versions of who we are and who we have been, and we must get to know ourselves on a deeper level.

I lead our communities through experiences to gain acceptance and ownership, and discover who they are through programs, courses, retreats, one-on-one guidance sessions, group presenting, blogs, writing and more. I provide the structure, practices and tools to create freedom in their lives. We all not only deserve love, peace and happiness, we also deserve abundance, wealth, vitality, adventure and a life to be enthusiastic about.

Together our community members support, inspire and learn from each other. The power of community lies in you realizing many have similar stories, are struggling, have also had many challenges and also have hope and passion for learning, growing and becoming the highest version of themselves. 

Most that join my programs and communities do so because of accountability, and the reality of saying yes always activates a motion towards our soul’s quest for fulfillment, meaning and purpose.

to the Elemental Being!

I help men, women and young adults reclaim clarity, ease and play within their relationship with themselves and then playfully pursue relationships with others. I offer many opportunities to connect one-on-one, in group courses or community events, where I provide the structure to guide the conversation and many tools to support the process of taking responsibility, ownership, and pursuing personal growth. 

I believe in a holistic approach that explores many dimensions of the human experience. Every community and experience is unique and heart-led. We look back to gain understanding, healing, forgiveness, peace, and wisdom. We come into the present with acceptance, awareness and intention, and we look forward with courage, hope, structure and responsibility.

The Elemental Being is multi-dimensional; our communities will get to know the 6 Elemental Bodies: The Energetic Body, The Physical Body, The Mental Body, The Emotional Body, The Spiritual Body, and The Soulful Body. Together we explore our unique elemental nature as we discover what it feels like to be in and of ourselves.

There is no shortcut to fulfillment in our lives. Together we will not only explore who we are on a conceptual level, but also explore and discover who we are on a felt sense level, a primal level, and what it feels like to be in and of peace. At the same time, we will navigate this world and take action and responsibility toward our soul’s quest.

Community is the foundation of our growth.

  • We gather during programs and courses.
  • We stay connected in The Elemental Being Community.
  • We playfully pursue lifelong mastery of self with ongoing education, blogs, resources and practices.
  • We continuously support, inspire and learn from each other.

One of one Coaching is something particular I offer and is unique to each community member. 

Together we playfully pursue your depth, purpose and passion. 

May we always be present, loving, content, and playfully adventuring. 

Courses + Coaching

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Message from our founder

We help clinicians do hard things, so their lives and practices are easy.
I created The Elemental Being to have a platform to bring a health care community together as we pursued mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth; while also pursuing excellence in our careers.
I truly believe that we can all achieve high performance bliss, a state where we are at the top of our mountain with more energy than ever, surrounded by our community and ready for the next adventure.
I have been passionately pursuing health and wellness for over 20 years. I love to share knowledge, experience, and opportunities for communities and leaders to gather and ignite their true potential.
I am here to support you and our community in any way I can. I believe in unleashing our potential; we need to explore all the pillars of our lives playfully; we are all on this lifelong pursuit of mastery of self; there are no destinations, only many, many, many more adventures.
I welcome you to jump aboard and do hard things so your life will be easy.

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