The Skipped Step

As we grow it is common that our future and who we thought we were going to be will also inevitably change.

There are commonly skipped steps in the growth process, whether it’s moving on from a previous you, a job, a relationship, or from a concept of what you thought life would look like.

The Everchanging Us

It’s really important to acknowledge that as we grow, we are essentially metamorphous, and in the process we allow ourselves the opportunity to pause and be present with the change.

To grow is to also let die; just like nature.

Can you allow death to occur?

For a future You to be reborn we must accept and mourn the death of previous personalities, characteristics, and visions of what the previous life and You used to look like.

Shedding The Old Skin

There is this evolutionarily process of shape shifting, of truly allowing yourself to look different, be different, act different today than you did yesterday.

My personal wisdom that I would love to share is that in my past I haven’t spent enough time appreciating, celebrating, and mourning through the loss of this previous version of me.

This previous version of me wasn’t broken, it was just a different version of me that was no longer serving me.

This also meant releasing a future me that I was creating… that is also no longer.

Letting Go

Some of the hardest things that I have had to let go were things that were not serving me.

Things I had identified with.

Things I attached myself to.

Things that truly were limiting me; like a ceiling that was created by me.

I had to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of this past me, and the vision that pulled me for years.

I then had to say farewell, so that I could 100% move towards this new version of me, this new bright future I could see.

Look Inside Yourself

What have you not allowed yourself to mourn? To celebrate? To say thank you? To say farewell to?

May you have the courage and strength to say goodbye so that you can say hello to another version of you.

Nothing is broken. Nothing needs fixing.

Just a beautiful surrender, allowing and accepting all that comes with the ache of growth.

Stay with it. Please don’t skip this step. Honor your growth.

It’s safe to let go.

It’s safe to be free.

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Love, Brandy!



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