My Heart Is My Voice


What are you feeling?

A common challenge I am finding among many humans is the struggle to share with THEIR voice HOW they are FEELING.

To share OUR voice and how WE are feeling.

It’s easy to share what we experienced, but to share what we feel about it is the most restricting part of it.

Do you relate?

Be Afraid, But Do It Anyway

The fear of what we are about to say may HURT someone or it may ANGER someone.

Or we will be JUDGED by our feeling; this feeling that we are a bad person, a negative person, people don’t like to hear negative things, etc.

If we share how we feel it will be talking bad about someone else.

Having to really take ownership over HOW we are feeling is a practice to KEEP practicing.

We as partners, friends, spouses, siblings, coworkers, fellow humans can help.

Today when someone is sharing with you, follow these practices and see how it feels:

  • Ask more questions about their experience.
  • Ask how they are feeling about it. What else are they feeling.
  • Try to encourage them to own their feeling. Instead of saying They frustrated me…. I felt frustration. I felt ashamed. I feel happy. You can do this by saying it sounds like you felt frustrated. They then will agree or correct you.
  • This is their/our story. There is a strength gained with claiming your direct and felt experience.
  • Validate them. Of course you felt that way given that experience.
  • What DID you need that was not given?
  • What DO you need?
  • How can I support you? Or can I support you in any way?

Feel and Allow to Feel

May WE normalize sharing our feelings.

May WE not take on someone’s feelings.

May OUR goal be to WITNESS them, hear their truth (their direct and felt experience).

May WE always empower each other by asking what they/we need.

Please keep using your voice to express yourself. Be kind. Be compassionate. Ask others if they have space before you share. Share what you need (to vent, advice, sounding board).

It’s OK to have feelings.

It’s safe to feel.

It’s OK to have needs.

It’s safe to ask for what you need.

We all deserve to be heard, to be seen, to be felt, to be valued, to feel.

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I love you, ❤️Brandy

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