WithIN And WithOUT

I had the most beautiful and magical night, shared with the presence and wisdom of the Astrologer Hari Dev

It was a full moon and as we tapped into the sacred energy that came with its light, I was also harnessing its power to expand my ability to create.

The Magic Of Words

Expansive // Loyalty // Lush // Purposeful // Meaningful // Cultivating // Composing

Integrity // Direction // Misty // Clear // Significant // Form // Rich // Vast // Potential

Potent // Playful // Sacred rest // Reflection // Feel // Care for self // Composition

Nourish // Freedom // Guidance // Restoration // Discipline // Action // Focus

Powerful // Discipleship // Impetus // Imagination

So many beautiful words I had to spell them out.

To cast a spell. To nourish and enhance my connection to my environment and what I will be creating..

What I will be creating.

The Seed, The Growth, The Creation

I can officially (FINALLY!) say this with a self compassion lens that I had more to grow through to land here, be planted here, root here, so that I may RISE from here.

My land, my seed, my nourishment and my chosen sacred container and environment that is becoming me.

When we choose to reside withIN, we also choose to remove all the OUT. To decide what stays, what leaves, what is pruned, pulled and fortified with imagination, play and glee.

We become our garden, our garden becomes all.

And sometimes something is planted that we didn’t even know was meant for us. But it grew, too.

The Awakening

And all of a sudden our eyes open, our heart opens and we trust that we planted that, too, nourished that, too, and it’s meant for us to present ourselves to the world.

Is it time for you to land deeper into your own soul?

Your own soil.

Land deeper in your own playground and stay longer.

Play longer.

Get to know the self, become the only you; because the world needs the most purest, potent, playful, imaginative, creative you.

Please, please, please ADD your spice to the world…


Please, honor yourself, fall in love with yourself, love yourself, teach us how to love you, and then courageously take in a breath.

And share the wisdom of YOUR heart, YOUR soul and give us the gift of your RAW pure self.

Yes, please.

More of you, please.

The awakened.

The raw.

The truthful.

Please, reside, nourish and breathe air into your lungs, your fibers, your Elemental Beingness.

I love you. Yes, please. More, please. Thank you.

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Love, Brandy

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