Resurrection Of One’s Life

The time has come to make all things new. Make a shift to resurrect your life and act only on love and trust.

Resurrection occurs when we breathe in only love, trust, hope, and compassion. When we act in accordance with the belief that love is for all. Here is where we are free. Here is where ALL is free. Free from our collective history.

To Be, To Love

To resurrect one’s life is to build a life on choices and actions in accordance with love and trust.

To believe that all has a right to be and there is no separation. We must love profoundly, potently, and persistently, especially during our awakening.

We are all starting to awake to the fact that we can not build a future on the past: past mistakes, past rules, past stories. We are here to make all things new. To find our way. To choose to love deeper than ever, to see the truth of the fact that we all have a right to be.

To be authentic, playful, and free. Yes, please!

To choose and act in accordance with loving ourselves, respecting ourselves, honoring ourselves and our needs. Honoring our authenticity.

The right to be. To be different from the past you, to never again try to be what we think society wants us to be.

The Present You

May we awaken and come into self realization that we are exactly what the world needs. The most authentic expression of ourselves that is built out of trust, hope, and love.

To honor and respect our land, our fellow men and women, animals and plants, and every day without falter allowing and choosing for every action to be driven by love.

Love for who we are, what we are, how we serve. To serve with love, compassion and grace to our entire race, animals, land, and all that resides here right now.

Inhale, exhale and take a step towards resurrection, towards a new way of acting every day.

It’s safe to love, it’s safe to receive love, it’s safe to breathe and be in someone’s company. Without fear, or collective past beliefs. To move forward and create a new Earth, a new world.

More Brandy Ponderings

What do I mean when I state: “To resurrect one’s life, is to live a life in alignment to love and trust. To know that all belong”?

We are here to love. To love is to know that all belong. To know that all belong, we must share our truths and hear others’ truths.

What are the truths? Truths are how you are feeling, what is and was your direct experience, what are your needs.

We must be able to create a safe container for ourselves in our own mind, to know we deserve to be here, to be heard, to have needs and to add to the world. And we need to create safe containers so others can feel safe to share their feelings, experiences and needs with us. To love someone so deeply that your goal is to understand what they experience, how they feel and what they need.

And to NOT make their experience our fault or ours to fix. It’s our role to listen, ask questions, stay calm and clear and love them. Hold space for them to express.

But we must first gain a sense of autonomy that we belong, we are important and the world needs us. This is a reverent divine will. Meaning you know you are here for a reason. After that, you then know EVERYONE is here for a reason.

At that point it’s easier and easier to love deeper, trust more, and align all choices and actions with love for self and love for others.

If you have any thoughts, ponderings please share.

If this resonates with you please share with your people. Love for all!

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With so much love and gratitude, Brandy 

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