Reawaken The Innocent Child

Broken? Need fixing?

Nope, nope, nope….Here to grow and ignite my true potential.

Take Up Space

Step One: Say it out loud and believe in it, “Take up SPACE! Take space, ALLOW space!”

To take up, create, or allow space is all the same to me. It is knowing that the choice is yours.

The key is feeling so full of life, love, connection, purpose, passion that you can’t help but take up space; because you know you are worthy of space.

To create space is to allow embodiment, to believe that all of you can take space. To fully embody this we must get to know ourselves. We don’t get to know ourselves just through talking, learning, and achieving. We know ourselves when we can feel into how we feel.

Don’t just tell yourself you are worthy. Feel into it… do you feel it? If not, be with yourself more. Create space to connect with the depth of who you are.

Allow yourself to expand and become your authentic self. To ALLOW space, is to accept when space has been created for you. Allow it, this has been created FOR you. Be with it, appreciate it, you don’t have to ALWAYS fill space.

Feel The Emotions, Receive The Experiences

Step Two: Let’s continue driving our own bus and not be passive through life.

It has taken me time and lots of mindful actions to remind myself of the joy, bliss and playfulness that once filled up my childhood days. 

I often dreamt of how wonderful it would be to reawaken the innocent child within me that sees magic, giggles, laughs, dances and plays through life.

Through trials and errors, I realized the biggest pitfall to not achieving this is waiting for something to happen–some miracle brought to me by a stranger. No, the answer is to choose and seek out daily the things that help us grow, evolve, and become our powerful, joyful and fulfilled future selves.

We are worthy of health, wealth, happiness, freedom, community, connection and love… especially our own love.

Some Final Ponderings

Have you noticed how children are their true selves from the moment they’re born? 

They take up and allow space without thinking about it; being themselves and knowing they’re worth being loved for who they are comes naturally to them. It is then almost heartbreaking to realize that at one point we were all like this. Free, inspired, courageous, and above all LOUD and PROUD of who we are.

Looking back, we might remember the event or the words that changed that and we began to question our worth. We might not remember, but subconsciously still feel that desire to go back to the version of us that felt authentic and enough.

I give you permission to seek out your inner child and to reassure them it is safe now to come out and play once more.

If you’re not sure where to begin, or need guidance as you pursue this quest, I’m here for you!


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