Surrender And Be Grateful

Back in the early Fall I had an emotional moment I felt the need to capture on video, but it was only now that I wanted to share it, trusting someone would resonate with it.

It deserves a listen, versus a read. Head over to my Instagram page and let me tell you my story of the wisdom of surrender and gratitude. The words below come from my heart and are more around my feelings on what it means to surrender, and how gratitude plays a huge part in it.

To Surrender?

To allow? To let go? Is it to be feared? Does it mean to not care?

Does it mean I am not rooted, anchored, connected to my purpose, my passion?

“Sur” means “over. ”“Render” means to give something.

This word, however, was not suitable for me in a 3D world, as many will give a mile to get an inch and many will give an inch to get a mile. Consciously? Unconsciously? Who knows…

A 4D and 5D world to me is a world that believes in peace, love, freedom and compassion, where I feel there is safety here. I believe that if we feel safe within ourselves, we are in a 4D and 5D state.

In this state, to choose to surrender, is to feel, to allow your heart to lead, your soul to lead, your spirit to lead. There is a deep trust, a feeling that all will be ok for I have my heart in mind.

To render new is to know you are growing, you are ready to become a new version, a version that is built from the wisdom of the heart aches and pain of the past. And, yes, the love, the grace and ease as well.

We reverse the words and now it’s “render sur:” to give over.

When you surrender to the sadness, the ache, the bliss, the orgasms of life, you are choosing to give over. To give your sadness over, your happiness over, your confusion, pain, love, and hope over. You trust in yourself and you trust in the spirit of hope, love, and grace. Practice “render sur”, practice surrendering within a sacred relationship with others.

Where could you give your heart over to feel more, grow more, connect more?

Safety is within you. Remember the courageous loving soul you are.

Create space to render. Create the container to render with yourselves first. 

“Surrender: to give your fully open heart for a life worth experiencing.”

What About Gratitude?

As an Elemental Being, I feel gratitude for my ego’s reaction when I don’t get what I want, for uncomfortable scenarios, for grief, loss, and sadness. Gratitude for pain, ache, and sickness, for heartaches, for the sun, the moon and universe.

Gratitude for love gained and lost. For canceled events. For silver, bronze or no medal. For missed opportunities.

I believe that my experiences serve a purpose. They teach me patience, gratitude, perspective, appreciation, awareness, and a sense that things will be ok.

When I choose and trust myself to surrender, and allow my mind, heart and spirit to lead me, I don’t run from emotions. I meditate on them and choose when to open up to them; I breathe into my emotions and sit with them. I accept that it’s ok to be uncomfortable, to feel, and to grow through pain. As I work through these emotions, I feel gratitude for being able to do so and for everything that I was, I am, and will be. 

I believe gratitude is a human emotion that can be strengthened with daily practice. One of my daily practices is journaling. I put anything and everything onto paper. I let all emotions out on the paper: fear, resentment, anything my egoic self needs to express. Then I sit and breathe on it, followed by journaling with a wisdom lens of how this is serving me.

I embrace with open arms every uncomfortable experience, as wisdom says this is where I grow.

Surrender And Be Grateful, But Don’t Settle

This advice might seem odd, but hear me out.

Sometimes we stop at surrendering and being grateful and forget we can keep pursuing the mastery of self. We can have everything we want and need in this world but still have ambitions and a drive to keep going. 

And we forget that it’s ok to not want to settle. To have an eagerness and willingness to strive for more.

More excellence. More mastery of self. More learning. More being. More space in your life. More of nothing. More health, wellness and soulfulness.

Also to strive for less. Less talking. Less filling of space. Less need to prove yourself. Less desire to fulfill others needs. Less doing. Just less of all things.

Tune into your body, mind, soul and spirit as you look for the answer on why you don’t want to settle.

Are you not wanting to settle because you still have more to prove to yourself or others? 

❤️I’m telling you that you are enough❤️

Not wanting to settle because you love all you are doing and want to make an impact? An impact that requires no “likes” or “approval” to be worth your time.

❤️I’m telling you that you don’t need anyone’s approval❤️

Not wanting to settle because it doesn’t feel right? You have more to give, more love to give, more words to share to the world.

❤️I’m telling you that you matter❤️

Don’t settle as you pursue what sets your soul on fire. Always be grateful for all the little things, big things and the in between things.

We are so lucky to be here and to experience this sweet, salty and zesty life. To experience all the elements of nature: the rain, storms, rainbows and, of course, the darkest of nights, the brightest of nights and the brightest of days.

To experience our experience. What a beautiful, beautiful life. A life with infinite potential.

I am not a settler.

When I look back on my life, there were many people that came and left that were encouraging me to settle.

Why go to college? You have a full time job with medical and dental.

Why are you working so hard? You’re making the rest of us look bad.

Even in college many might call me excessively wanting to know everything. To get perfect on the test, to truly understand what I was learning. Why is Brandy having so many questions?

I eventually just stopped listening and I broke away. I feel the most joy and fulfillment in my body, mind, soul and spirit when I am pursuing wholeheartedly all that inspires me. I will always strive for excellence. Not to prove anything to anyone but because it comes natural, it feels good to me, I thrive off of it. 

I surround myself with those that love this about me and expect me to be nobody other than who I am.

You’re amazing! Be YOU, never settle if it’s not you, but yes, yes, yes, be grateful for all the little things, big things and in between things.

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I love you and am grateful to be journeying alongside you ~ Brandy❤️

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