Surrender and Be Grateful

In my Part 1 post on surrender and gratitude, I explored the meaning of surrender, why gratitude plays an important role in the process of surrendering, and why you don’t have to settle during the process.

Now , as I continue to experience surrender and allow gratitude flow through me, I am reminded of all that I’ve gained in the process. And I ask myself: ”Does all this make me rich?” Here goes Part 2, diving deeper into what it means to surrender and be grateful.

What Makes You Rich?

Is it the money, the coats, the boots, the roof, the house, the walls? The ability to take a holiday?

Is it in the twinkle in the eye of your child as they tell you a story? The voices of family. The sound of laughter?

Is it, perhaps, in a cup of coffee, in your favorite mug, with the sound of a wood wick candle burning? The sound of the heartbeat of your home?

The sound of a whimper and a tear streaming down your cheek as you heal from an old wound.

The freedom within a friendship?

Is it the beautiful melody of a breath that keeps arriving in your lungs, and to be graced to live and be in this moment feeling these words; witnessing all you see, hear and are becoming.

To know you are loved deeply by yourself and that you enjoy your own company.

For me, where I feel, I see, and am rich is in nature’s company. Going for a walk or hike, kayaking in the lake, sitting on a beach. But my favorite feeling of being rich is heading off the grid by myself to a cabin where sunlight and fire are my electricity and heat, rain and lake provide me with water, and nature’s sounds are my alarm clock. It is here, in nature, that I truly surrender and experience what it is like to sleep in a bed of gratitude, feeling the grace to be living so full of abundance, with the nature that is us and that we are surrounded by.

Strong Women Raise Strong Women

In nature’s solitude I feel deeply connected to myself and all that is around me. Surrender comes easy, gratefulness flows. 

It is here where, as a woman, I’m reminded of the power we have to raise ourselves up and the responsibility to walk alongside other women as they’re evolving.

I appreciate all the women in my life that raised me, that challenged me, that showed me the way, that shared their stories, and listened to mine.

I look back and I see the challenges, I feel them in my bones. Many memories of sadness, kindness, firmness, and strength. I appreciate all the challenges that arose from the limiting beliefs of others, their preconditioned, culturally curated responses and behaviors.

I chose compassion, strength and determination as I held them in the light, knowing that they knew no other way. Many emotions came up during these times–fear, anger, anxiety, shame, blame and resentment–but they were never asked to stay as I knew they would not be the foundation of change.

It’s Time

These emotions supported me in the realization that I needed to create time. Time to pause, to center and to stay and be the change. 

Time to embrace surrender by allowing my heart to lead, my soul to lead, and my spirit to lead. By developing a deep trust within myself and the process I’m creating as I’m growing.

Time to practice daily gratitude through journaling, and time to show and teach others how to do the same.

I stayed in many challenging spaces and grew. I got better at sharing my truth, my strength and stayed loyal to a vision of us growing together. We must learn to listen more, share more truths and challenge each other’s thoughts and beliefs.

Never lose sight of the fact that together we will all impact the world.

That journey and many that we as women have been on, the experiences we have had, are a part of the soil today where we plant our seeds.

They created the foundation for strong roots. The soil, or rather soul, of a woman is strong, compassionate, determined, and ready to lead and create in a world that is ready to receive. A foundation where she can stand strong, feminine and free.

Behold, we make all things new….

Let’s keep moving forward with strength, love, and loyalty to ourselves and each other.

Thank you to all the women out there and to the men that are right there with us.

Be genuinely, authentically you and never apologize for anything that sets your soul on fire!

Embrace the practices of surrendering and gratefulness. Embrace the growth that will follow. 

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Written with my love, Brandy

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