Empowerment Through Questions

Throughout my journey of 44 years, I have learned a lot about communication.

I have been a practicing massage therapist for over 18 years, and communication is the key to understanding my patients. Today, I felt called to share some communication tools with you. 

Here We Go

Whether it’s in my practice, during my empowerment coaching, or posting on my social media platforms, I ask questions to understand what people think they need. I do this to create safety, to understand how I can support their growth and our growth.

Communication is one of the most beautiful ways we can create safety, empowerment and support for the person in front of us. Support them in finding their words, finding their needs, and asking for what they need.

This starts the process of respect, safety, compassion, clarity and empathy.

When you are able to ask a question and wait for the vibration of the words to come out of the one you are witnessing, you truly are making the world a better place.

Same goes for us. 

When we can find our own words, when we feel safe, when we start to understand who we are and what our needs are, we can receive ourselves and others with grace, we can receive support, we can receive heart-led advice, we can receive ourselves deeper.

The Questions To Ask

“How can I support you?” This is the most empowering question you can ask anyone.

“Would you be open to feedback?” This question shows respect and empowers choice.

“I have something I need to share, is now a good time?” You are honoring energy and time.

“I am in the middle of something, can we talk at lunch today?” It’s an empowered answer.

“Are you wanting feedback or just want me to listen? If it’s for feedback, tomorrow at 8am feels good for me.” This is empowered clarity. 

“Does this have to do with me?” If “no,” your answer may be different. If “yes,” you may say, “Thursday after dinner feels good for me, would that work for you?” Another example of empowered clarity.

When we are empowered with questions and choice, we witness freedom and safety. We deepen our trust, respect and compassion for each other. 

The Vibration Of Our Words

One of the best gifts you can give the world right now is presence, love, compassion, and a question guided by patience, love and support. Support as we find our answers, as we learn to ask for what we need, as we feel safe to maybe want something different than the one in front of us.

Our words tell the story of us as unique beings with unique needs and beliefs. That’s the magic and the mystic that we ALL hold within us, as our own voice, our own words, our own vibrations come together to reflect you.

Let us empower each other to bring more of our uniqueness to the world, to bring more of our own words to the world, to awaken the world with what lies within us.

You inspire me, you ignite me, you are a light within me.

Share your words, share your needs, grace me with your presence and your energy. Together we will grow and flow.

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I love us ❣️ Brandy

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