Bone Marrow Instincts

Predators lurk in your mind and in our world.

Listen to your instincts, the truth lies here. This part of you that is behaving like prey. Hiding and behaving…and pretending you’re tame.

Predator and Prey

It’s in our nature to want to be in control: of ourselves, of others, of our environment, our success, our nutrition, and so on. I know from my own experiences that I used to believe if only I could control everything, I’d live a fulfilled life.

My instincts were subconsciously telling me something was off with that kind of thinking, yet without the knowledge I have now, I couldn’t quite pinpoint the culprit.

Until recently, I lived my life by the book; I was the “good girl.” I behaved; because my upbringing and what I had learned as an adult told me to have the mindset of not standing out, not being better than others, not shining in my own light, not fully loving myself.

My own mind loomed over me like a predator, filled with negative thoughts and beliefs about myself. The prey side of me stayed low and quiet to avoid being detected and attacked.

Come Back To Your Instincts

Do you expand and land, or do you constrict and restrict?

I believe the answer to this question will come naturally to you, as deep down inside you have the answer ready. Just like me, you have probably known the answer for a long time.

Can you feel your instincts tingling and you knowing the answer? What messages are being delivered to you? Do you know why these messages have come to you?

It’s within you to know, it’s in the confusion, in the content, in the contort of the mind to try to understand, to try to find the why.

You already know.

Awaken Your Bone Marrow

Who you are, your soul and spirit, stay true to you even if your authentic self is not visible on the outside.

The predator and prey mindset, if allowed to inhabit you for too long, may enslave you and put a cage around your heart. It doesn’t take long from there to administer the grief of a past you that has been lost. You feel unwell, unwise, and you feel the demise of your soul.

Until one day something unexpected happens–you hear a sound, smell, feel or see something–and you open your eyes and see something that reminds you of the ”me” that you once knew. You observe a remembering in your bones and realize the one you have lost still resides in your marrow.

Ready to awaken, ready to shake loose, ready to unravel, unwind, unhook from the new or old way of being that it’s not serving you.

You wiggle, and you shift and your hair on your body starts to quiver. Your body starts to awaken, you feel the shivers up your back and then into your hairline. 

You hear a whisper, “It is time.”

You leave the space with a reawakening to the sensuous being within you that says, “I am here, I am free, I am exactly what I need to be. From this day forward I am no longer muted and numbed, by the constraint of my own mind.”

You hear a whisper from your heart with compassion and grace that says, “Welcome back! I’ve missed you. I love you!”

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