ReWilding Yourself

What are you settling into? Sinking into? Where are you directing your energy, vitality, attention?
When you feel your attention, focus, or energy are sinking into anything other than your body and physiology, redirect them with a simple long exhale, and on the next inhale feel your lungs inflate.

Why ReWilding?

The term “rewilding” holds within itself all that symbolizes one’s true elemental nature.

You rewild when you decide to put yourself first and learn to love yourself. When you remind yourself that who you are is ok, even if others disagree.

You rewild when you learn to love your body, mind, soul and spirit. When you see beauty in the features that make up your whole being.

You rewild when you soak up nature. When you decide to put aside all distractions and head outside to absorb the energy of the earth.

You rewild when you honor your past and let go of all that drags you backwards. When you focus on the present and allow life to unfold as it’s meant to be.

And if you ever feel your mind and consciousness being distracted as you walk your rewilding path, return to breathwork. The above breathing practice–long exhale followed by focusing on your lungs expanding on inhale–lets you sink back into your Elemental Nature.

From here the heart and emotional intelligence are united to reclaim your choice, attention, and vitality. 

Today. Tomorrow. Every Day

I truly believe we must carve out time daily to practice rewilding ourselves and reclaim our true nature. 

Among the daily schedules and struggles, we need to recognize when rewilding is needed. Those moments when our emotions get the best of us and drain our energy.. When we scroll on our phone longer than we had planned to. When we eat a meal that doesn’t nourish us and leaves our bodies bloated and achy. When we think and say unkind things about ourselves. 

We need to find our own daily rewilding practices to help us remain Healthy, Whole and Free.

This process is as much about learning something new, as it is about being conscious of what no longer is working for us.

How do we feel about our health? Our career? Our life? Our relationship with ourselves? What are our values?

Some of the practices that help find answers are breathwork, meditation, hydration, journaling, and using sensory practices to connect with ourselves, our own heart, body, mind and soul.

You Matter

Do you treat yourself like you matter? Do you hydrate, sleep, eat and exercise like you are a key component in the wheel of society? Or do you feel like you’ve lost the ability to show up with a genuine smile and open heart?

Long time ago, I lost my self-esteem. You know that piece that has us looking in the mirror with a healthy smile and grin, with a confident posture and swagger that today is going to be great. I had got caught up in the glory of living up to my expectations that were not realistic, with a critic that was quick to keep me in line, this inner judge of myself and all.

I was proud to have high standards… to a fault. The challenge was that I was not finding meaning in little things, doing dishes, recycling, eating healthy, sleeping, exercising. I had lost my edge, my powerplay, my vitality, my healthy cellular nature and my present state of being.

It’s easy to get caught up thinking our way through life, working on our mental game but forgetting our spiritual and soulful game. To be so engulfed in measuring success through promotions at work and buying stuff that we miss the fulfillment, the health, we forget to make memories, to feel and have emotion within our life.

Making money matters. Planning our lives matters. Building a career matters. Meeting our needs and wants matters.

But it also matters that we feel well, that we are connecting to the soul/the eyes and essence of the person who is in front of us. It’s less about what we did or said, it’s about how people felt in our presence. How do we feel within our own presence? 

Love and appreciation for our own life matters.

About Teaching and Learning ReWilding

If this part feels like I want you to join my Project ReWild now, it’s because I do.

I want to show people the daily practices and techniques that will allow them to find their true nature and celebrate it unapologetically. To learn to feel a deep and profound love for themselves and others. To learn to use their breath and body to regulate their emotions and be present and focused. And so much more.

It is my calling to create a community and movement of individuals who seek more. To educate, inspire and empower YOU and your peers.

Teaching and learning rewilding is like a mix of an anatomy and physiology course, a mindset course, an awareness and intention course, and ultimately a journey back to your heart and soul that needs to be heard and listened to by YOU.

It can be exciting to think about personal growth, but scary to begin it. Where and how to begin?

Myself and many of my students are adult learners who felt scared to take on self-study, yet the desire to connect deeper with who we are prevailed.

We needed to learn how to show up for ourselves, love, respect and trust ourselves. Nobody taught me and what I was doing was not helpful. I started taking courses to understand my mind, thoughts, body, chemistry, communication styles. And I took courses to gain practice and tools. Now I pass on the knowledge and skills.

I rarely criticize myself, verbally abuse myself, shame or blame myself. I’m no longer disrespectful and rude to myself. I rarely cancel my self-care plans. I now love myself. And I am still practicing. I will forever be rewilding, for I live in the city and society, and  must regularly shake off the day, remove others beliefs, nourish my body, and remove the garbage.

We need tools, education, empowerment and inspiration. We need community, connection, accountability and a platform to be truthful, take ownership and with autonomy make changes as we go. Everyone’s journey looks different, is unique and is continuously shifting.

You deserve to be healthy, whole and free. I can guide you there.

With much love and appreciation –


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