Live Fully, Live Free

I have a feeling deep in my gut that I have already lived most of my life and even deeper under that feeling is a sense that I have yet to live fully.
Fully expressed, healthy, whole and free.

To Be Free

Have you thought about humans having a subjective story of their life? A story filled with feelings and personal opinions, with no or little room for facts. This subjective nature of how we see ourselves is where I seek my freedom.

To be free from my own fears and conformity around what once has been and what has never been. To be free of who I or others think I should be, and rather grow into who I am.

I realized a while ago that I know enough to know, I don’t know too much. I realized the wisdom I have gained has been more of a felt sense of a posture: tall, open shoulders and mind, a smile and smirk, with a heart saying, “What a ride!”

It HAS been a ride and I feel I am successful if I don’t lose my heartbeat or my ability to receive great pleasure along the way. For this is the icing, the meaning, the inhale and footprint saying that I am living.

The Elemental Nature Within You

My mom has been close to losing her life many times and yet here she is living. Heading into the back roads with her, hearing her laughs, and her voice as we’re driving in muddy, snowy and slippery roads to get to the peak. This is music for my soul.

What has added depth to your life? For me it was being raised on a farm, heading into the backroads often, camping, fishing, making a fire, and just savoring the forests and animals. Savoring a backroad with washboard, bumps and all.

For me, this is a NEED, I must often get into nature or I lose my way, I get stuck in the rut of society and all these devices draining my soul, spirit and body.

What do you NEED to come back to your elemental nature? Schedule it in, protect it. You must love, respect and trust yourself to give yourself what you need. Unapologetically. Keep pursuing your heart led ambitions and open your mind to them being the drives, the hikes, the things that are not always measured in the game of life.These ambitions mean the most and give you that posture of self-love and esteem that is needed in all aspects of your ambitious life.

Balance, purpose, community, connection, meaning equal a life you will remember as the most amazing journey. Create time to be with your elders, listen to their voice and stories, witness their hard working hands and wise lines. There is more depth you can attain by being present.

Feel Into Life

You step outside. The air feels fresh. You close your eyes and take a deep inhale. On exhale you open your eyes and look up. Today is bluebird day. 

It’s the wonderment of being alive, and each and everyone of us is ticking, and on the soul level, we know why. The level without eyes, the level that feels through life. A YES that feels a bit scary and exciting at the same time. 

There’s no next level, it’s one continuum and, yes, it is seemingly a line that rises, yet it doesn’t. It’s on the same plane; learning and becoming wise. We are not rising, we are spinning round and round while flying light speeds through universal galaxies.

The reality of us being alive boggles me. Science proves why and how we’re alive, and still…there’s some magic to it, with a dash of hope and a sprinkle of trust. It’s freedom to let go and surrender to living, knowing death is inevitable. A relish experience of breath by breath, step-by-step, meaningful interactions, day-to-day. A spirit, humble and playful, navigating this second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year and life.

Toss aside your subjective beliefs, let go of your fears. There is no start and no stop; your life is evolving and revolving. Feel into who you are meant to be, into your elemental nature.

Your life is not an essence of hurry, rush, crush, or slaughter. Yours is the essence of savor, pause, reflect, digest, do, or don’t do. It’s a chosen experience of being meaningful, loving yourself and one another, taking the time to inhale and exhale as you look into the eye of life living around you, through you, above and below you. We are one drop in the ocean and an ocean in a drop.


May we all be healthy, whole and free!

With so much love for this life we are living and creating, 


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