Life says Spin

Life says, “Spin!” And my soul says, “Not today.”

I will play, live and laugh…and be anchored in my essence of, “I see, hear, feel, smell and sense there is more to life than aimlessly being pushed and pulled and allowing it.”

There comes a time that one must realize that there is a certainty of choice.

A divine intervention called ATTENTION and PARTICIPATION.

Knowing from the heart’s beat what’s coming, and a spirit that winks, smiles and waits until the relative certainty of this way.

A commitment to try, step, play and keep the heart open, mind clear, soul knowing…when in reality life is full of layers and the only way to experience and grow wise is to be in it, without regret.

Maintaining a humble demeanor, while participating, NOT ANTicipating.

Seeing, feeling and sensing the play vs. reading the play.

Thinking your way through life vs. feeling your way.

Yes, it is true… there is a sense of mental engagement, NOT MENTAL ChAtter.

A mind that can choose to be strategic, a Magician, Orchestrator, Puppeteer, a Trickster if you will.

All of you have these character and personality attributes. They can be used for better or worse, in alignment with respect or disrespect.

You choose. Consciously or Unconsciously.

It’s a ripple of awareness of what do I want to do with this ripple. What energy do I want to put towards it?

What other ripples are present? What do I want to achieve? From there it’s an idea that you can become the wind, breeze, a calm summer day. 


If you’re curious to find out more about how to pause, be present and participate in life and sports, I invite you to visit my new blog.



As I’m growing The Elemental Being and The Elemental Athlete, I’m trying new ways to publish my writings and Elemental Practices. It is an exciting and challenging opportunity for me and I appreciate your patience as I’m figuring things out.

Love, Brandy

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