WithIN And WithOUT

What lies withIN and what lies withOUT must always be in our consciousness.

We must always be able to come back to our elemental nature. The elements, the chemistry, the vibration, the energy, the cellular connectivity of what truly makes us, US.

It’s Us And Our Vision

What lies withIN the depths of us is OUR choice. It is not our parents, our governments, our bosses, our friends or our loved ones.

The truth is, it is our power to say what stays and what goes. It’s important to spend time every day landing in our true elemental nature. You may call this meditation, you may call it whatever you want, but it all starts with removing the vision.

Vision is the gateway to the nervous system, the gateway to connecting to our environment. Our ability to see will always have a cellular pull, an awareness of what lies withOUT.

The Elemental Practice

I encourage everyone to have a moment to close your eyes, soften all the muscles around your eyes, lips, jaw. Allow space between your teeth, soften your tongue, soften the top of your throat, middle of your throat, base of your throat. Soften your chest, soften your heart, and soften your lungs.

Shift and settle into the surface that you are on and slowly, ever so gently, start to feel what lies withIN. Allow the air to extend, expand and fill the space between cells withIN the cells, within you.

When you feel that you have truly landed, when your vibration shifts and you feel soft, gentle and your breath feels graceful, it is at this moment you want to pause at the top of your inhale, and/or pause at the bottom of your exhale.  You can now fully witness what lies withIN you.

Feel this beautiful, potent, calm, clear and connected elemental energy within you.

Imprint this immersion withIN yourself… this feeling you feel IS you.

Fully come into acceptance and awareness of what is and is not withIN you.

When you open your eyes practice staying in this feeling, staying in this knowingness of your elemental nature.

As you engage with your environment, the people, the things, the energy, may you stay grounded, may you stay clear, may you always remember who you are and what lies within you.

You are potent, powerful and free.

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I love you, Brandy

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