Hailey Hamilton came into my life during a time where I was Shapeshifting. I was coming into a new version of myself, I was coming into an authentic, wild, instinctual self.

My vibration was shifting and my heart was opening. My intuition and my instincts wanted to go exploring, to find new, to make new, to create new, to become a new version, a new shape, a new energy, a new energetic being.

In my July 11th blog, I explained the sacred meaning behind vibrations, specifically created through drumming. Here are some more ponderings of mine as I continue to delve into the topic. 


What does that mean?

It means to find and experience a new state of being, a state different from the current one that you were in.

We recalibrate through food, through experiences. We recalibrate through music, through movement, through exploration of self.

We really recalibrate when we are in a new space, a new place, when we travel, when we explore, when we look to be inspired by different things, new things other than our current things.

We recalibrate through creation, through creation of words, creation of sound, creation of music, art, creation of presence.

The Magic of Retreats 

In all full day retreats I’ve hosted at The Cocoon so far, we use vibration for the majority of our Recalibration and this is literally through speech, through sharing, through community engagement, it’s through the beautiful environment and inspiration of The Cocoon.

Here all participants are transported to another realm. The energy of The Cocoon is vibrational, eclectic, wild, intuitive, instinctual, and free.

It is an urban space to create, transform and reinvent ourselves. Amplify ourselves. To truly transport ourselves.

We play instruments like drums and rattles, and many other things that anyone can play.

On these retreat days the coaches and the participants may feel the child within themselves, the child that has been wanting to just play and explore and be.

And we also use other modalities, like breathwork, hot and cold exposure, movement, and lots and lots of delicious and nutritious food made by Hailey.

The Ongoing Message

Why am I repeating myself and going on and on about recalibration and shapeshifting?

Whether I’m alone or surrounded by people, there is always the potential to ignite something within us. Ignite a change. Ignite some form of Shapeshifting. The potential to ignite an instinctual self that has been residing within our bones, within our body. One that wants to come out.

I truly believe we all have and must take steps to show ourselves and the world the true us without fear.

You have permission to choose you. When was the last time you felt safe to do so? I am here for you and I will hold space for you on your Shapeshifting journey.

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I love you and am grateful to be journeying alongside you ~ Brandy❤️

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