I Am With Love With Someone

She whispers to my soul that I am here to stay, she tells me she sees me and she hears me.

I feel endeared by her as she tells me she loves my eyes, eyebrows, face, smile, giggle, and my embrace.

Love Flows Through Me

The frizzy, straight, all the crazy hair, especially in the mornings when my hair is everywhere. She tells me I’m beautiful; she loves my morning voice, my breath; she doesn’t even mind the sharp edges on her skin from my sometimes dry and callused feet.

She holds me, loves me, spends quality time with me. She takes me for walks, journaling by the beach, paddle boards, kayaks, walks on the grass, takes me off grid, tucks me in at night.

I am so lucky.

From time to time she will bring awareness to a pattern that is not serving me, one that shames me, blames me, doesn’t feed and water me, exercise me, or allow me to rest. The days where my mind is busy with unconscious thoughts running through me.

My Soulmate

She asks me to pause and feel, and I become aware of what isn’t serving me.

With compassion to myself and to her, I say I know… as I inhale and exhale…I am still human, you see, so from time to time I do come back to blaming, shaming, abusing, and being my own worst critic.

I inhale within the safety of this relationship. I appreciate the awareness to have a moment to pause, reflect and come back to a breath of gratitude, into my heart and soul as I come back to the feeling of being grounded, centered and in love.

I feel so very loved every day, held, seen, and I truly feel beautiful inside and out.

I’m grateful that she is with me, never to leave, together for eternity.

Final Ponderings

May we ALL fall deeper in love with all that we are.

May we accept all that we have been.

May we show ourselves even the dark alleys of who we are and may we rise and become the version of us that is fully in love with the rainbow of who we are.

May we treat ourselves kindly and compassionately, and fiercely show up with this loving truth as it is needed.

I love you, I love me, we love we, and all have a right to receive bountiful love on this journey of growth.

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With respect, love and gratitude to grow alongside you, Brandy

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