Still Point September

Here’s a radical thought: DO NOT wait until next year. 

The future you and the world need you, and the best place to start is now. 

Create a still point. 

Remove all stimulation for 2 to 3 days and watch as the world slows down and eventually stands still. Then allow yourself to breathe and be. Allow yourself to land in your heart. Your future is created here.

Be with your breath, heartbeat, vitality, be with your inner knowing.

Remove yourself from the noise pollution of this man-made environment, and go back to your true nature… ALLOW yourself to go back to nature… This is where You replenish psychic reserves to return to your cohesive, soulful, and wildish nature.

A feeling of being entirely IN and OF yourself.

Reside in your Elemental Beingness…being “In One’s Self.”

Remove the thoughts of doing the right things, acting the right way, thinking well.

Here, in true nature, restore your deep eyes and elemental knowing.

Your core self will call you back… where immediate wisdom is whole and accessible.

Care to play along with me?

Let me introduce you to The Elemental Reset and Regain Practice.

What you need: a pen and paper, 8 tea lights and one large center candle.


  1. Write down 8 things from 2022 you were grateful for. Light all 8 candles, one at a time, breathing and feeling into the memorable senses of what you are grateful for.


  1. Write down 8 things that could have gone better, feelings, events, patterns that you want to dissolve, to move forward from. Blow out one candle at a time, saying “Thank you, I release, let go and surrender.”


  1. Write down 8 things you want to call in (What must you have? What do you want to do? What is your wildish self asking for? What does your heart desire?).  Then light each candle and breathe in and visualize with all your senses what it will feel, smell, sound, taste and look like.


  1. When you are ready, light the final candle in the middle that represents abundance, fulfillment, courage, joy, love and any other feelings and words that will represent the rest of 2022.


Repeat after me: “This rest of 2022 will be what I consciously choose it to be, with daily awareness, actions, compassion and forgiveness. I will love myself first deeply, and from my reserves I will love the world deeply. I will not say no to me, to say yes to anyone else. I will first tend to my soil/soul before I tend to the world’s soil.”

So be it…and repeat.

There are no limits in how many still points a year you can or need to create. 

As the days, weeks and months rush by, if you feel overstimulated and your breath feels stifled, allow yourself to step aside from the man-made environment and return to nature.

I’ve created a free worksheet you can download and print to guide you through The Elemental Reset and Regain Practice. If you have a journal, or any other place/space where you keep your thoughts, you might want to add this worksheet to your ponderings and reflect back to it as you grow and evolve.

Find your worksheet here: Still Point – Regain and Reset Practice.

For more inspiration and tips, follow The Elemental Being on Instagram.

I love you and am grateful to be journeying alongside you ~ Brandy❤️


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