Heartbeat and Inner Critics

Part 3: Acceptance and Appreciation


As I’m looking further into my inner abusers, I’m mindful and alert to what my heart is telling me. 

I allow myself to be still, to breathe and to search for the truth within me. I recognize how unique, wise and beautiful I am. The thoughts below are my summary of all I currently know and understand about archetypes.

The Archnemeses

We ALL have these inner beings, our inner archetypes, we must tune into and really listen to know that they are there.

They will be known in actions that we don’t take, the actions that we do take or the reactions that are detrimental to us or others. We’ll notice these archetypes as we claim our destined path, the path to our freedom. For many it could be a career choice; it could be being the mother that we want to be, the father that we want to be; the health care provider that we want to be; the energetic being that we want to be.

We all have these desires, dreams, yearnings of these places that we wish we were, these people that we wish we could become, but the reality is that the power is in the knowing of who we are, what resides within us.

It’s About The Teachings

It’s only when we choose to be aware, see, accept and fully appreciate the choice, the lesson, the teaching that we can choose a new way, become a different version of ourselves.

It’s only when we reach the depth of us that we can really arrive and show up for the people in our life; because in the process of uncovering our truth we see them more clearly. We can hold space for their growth and healing.

I encourage you to start to look more withIN for the teachings, lessons, wisdoms; there is so much to uncover. And it’s beautiful, liberating, awakening, light, heavy and all the other things and big feelings that help us grow.

In the end, you will become your best friend, as you now know and accept ALL that you are.

The true reclamation of who we are becoming can ONLY come from within to really gain awareness of who is in your “living room”:

  • Who is in the “room” withIN you?
  • What is withIN?
  • Who are you?
  • Why are you here?

I Accept My Inner Abuser

Yes, I now fully accept and appreciate that I had and sometimes still have an inner abuser. I feel vulnerable sharing this, but it’s important for me to stay open, to share the wisdom from the lessons I have said YES to. It’s important to truly arrive in this world authentic and free, and to continually grow alongside my communities. 

I am here.

I love the quote by Matt Kahn, “Despite how open, peaceful, and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves” (emphasis added by me).

The reality is when I was abused and I chose to stay anyway. I could then feel and see others that did the same, and  was able to understand why, even empathize and hold space for the healing needed.

It was only when I saw that I too had an inner abuser that I could see others and their inner struggles managing this energetic current that was holding them back.

Be Courageous to See the True You…

It’s important that we don’t become actors and pretenders in the play of our life. See what is, accept, gain clarity, play and know the choice is yours of what stays and what goes.

And it won’t be easy but you can breathe and soften and expand and surrender and it will feel gentle and loving.

Ask yourself and be honest: 

  • What resides within you?
  • Who resides with you?
  • When did you start having a relationship with this being/entity within you?
  • This other being that may be sabotaging or creating resistance with you?

…and Practice, Practice, Practice

I encourage you to use The Five-Step Elemental Practice of accepting, claiming, naming, befriending and tuning in with the sabotaging archetype within you.

Get to know who you are on a deeper level, what to feel safe and what do you need to feel loved.

This is the only way to truly attain the fulfilling life that we’re all yearning for.

I wrap this up with a gentle reminder that we are not broken, we do not need fixing, but I would say that we could all use some “awakening” and we could all take the time to get to know ourselves more and what we need in this life so that we can create safe and loving environments for ourselves and, therefore, for others.

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I love you, I am here, I am ready to listen. Reach out if it feels good.

With love and abundant beauty, Brandy


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