Heartbeat and Inner Critics

Part 1: Meet Calendula


What is your heart telling you? Can you sit, still your breath and feel it within you?

Can you stay and reside in the truth that exists within the fibers of your heart? The cellular matrix of what makes up the uniqueness and precious parts of you.

Can you listen, feel and truly receive the wisdom that resides within thee?

My Truth and Superpowers

Today what came out of my heart, through my pen and onto my paper was a truth that I needed to hear.

Over the years, and I mean YEARS, there were parts of me that I pushed into the depth of me and said, “You are not to be seen!”

These parts of me that I now know are my superpowers and I see them and feel them authentically.

A beautiful uniqueness that makes me Me.


Some of them were:

– you are too sensitive,

– talk too much,

– too ambitious,

– act too quick,

– follow through,

– you’re making others look bad, feel bad,

– health freak,

– have way too much to say,

– too happy, flighty, free, filled with glee,

– smile too much, too nice, too open, too loving.


I couldn’t see in my younger years how these were all a super power within me.

If it wasn’t someone in the room that said these things, it was the inner critic in me that had hatred for me being different, being happy and free. For having too much energy and loving too openly.

My Inner Sunshine and Fire

One of my inner critics is named Calendula. 

One day while journaling, I met Calendula on a deeper level and made peace with her. We shared that we were scared, that we were trying to hide what was different about us, what resided inside. We said, “Shush, don’t share the true you, they will never feel comfortable around you and they may never like you.”

I giggle as I read this, as I know this is not true now.

The ones that are meant to receive the medicine that is me will always want more and will never want to contain me, shush me or mute me.

The day I made peace with Calendula, I was able to fall deeper in love with the me that is me.

I hope you are able to fall in love deeper with you too. I am here for you.

And yes, I am wild and free and speak openly from the depth of my heart as I show up for you.

Can you allow yourself to be seen with the love and grace that I see you?


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I am Brandy. 

I see you clearly and I love you.


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