Heartbeat and Inner Critics

Part 2: Introducing Arnold


Do you remember these words from my “Heartbeat and Inner Critics. Part 1: Meet Calendula” blog post from February 6?

What is your heart telling you? Can you sit, still your breath and feel it within you?

Can you stay and reside in the truth that exists within the fibers of your heart? The cellular matrix of what makes up the uniqueness and precious parts of you.

Can you listen, feel and truly receive the wisdom that resides within thee?

As I continue to explore my archetypes and make peace with them, I want to share with you the method that helps my heartbeat stay strong and true to itself.

The Five-Step Elemental Practice


One: Accepting

I accept that deep within me, resides Arnold, my self-sabotaging inner abuser. 

We all have archetypes within us that can either support or sabotage us. Who else resides within you? Can you accept all that you are?

The first step in The Elemental Practice of Accepting is to claim your sabotaging archetype:

  • Abuser, 
  • Settler, 
  • Addict, 
  • Coward, 
  • Villain, 
  • Pauper, 
  • Hermit, 
  • Puppet, 
  • Bully, 
  • Miser.

Use your search engine to find more.


Two: Naming

Then, it’s time to name your sabotaging archetype to befriend and build a relationship with them

For example: Abusive Arnold, Settling Sally, Clare the Coward.


Three: Befriending

Befriending your archetype is being mindful and engaging in a conversation with them. This was a crucial step for Abusing Arnold and me to guide our relationship towards mutual understanding and, eventually, healing.

I sat down and had a heart-to-heart with my inner abuser. I remained in control of the conversation but listened to Arnold telling his story. 

Being present, I said:

  • I am aware that “Arnold” is guiding me.
  • I listen to Arnold.
  • I ask him to share where I first started a relationship with him.
  • I accept that he exists and I compassionately communicate with him.
  • I ask, “Why do you exist?”
  • I understand that he is showing me love and support in the best way he knows how.
  • I hear that he is here for me.


Four: Creating Boundaries

Abusing Arnold served a past purpose that was no longer relevant for me. As I finished the conversation with him, I created boundaries to protect myself and move on.

Being present, I said to myself and Arnold:

  • I ask him for alone time.
  • I share that I am not open to his feedback.
  • I share that I am safe and don’t need him to protect me anymore.
  • I ask him to please step aside as I step forward.


Five: Tuning In Daily

The year-long tight-knit relationship between Abusing Arnold and me didn’t dissipate in a day. We revisit The Elemental Practices and work on our relationship with the goal of eventually let go of each other.

Every day tune in with your archetype. Ask him/her: How can I help you feel safe? How can I help you feel loved?

The answers will arrive from within. Take action to create that safety and love.


Final Thoughts

As you sit with yourself and your archetypes, I hope you are able to fall in love deeper with yourself. 

I’ve created a free worksheet you can download and print to guide you through The Five-Step Elemental Practice. If you have a journal, or any other place/space where you keep your thoughts, you might want to add this worksheet to your ponderings and reflect back to it as you grow and evolve.

Find your worksheet here: The Five-Step Elemental Practice

For more inspiration and tips, follow The Elemental Being on Instagram.

I am Brandy. 

I am here for you, I see you clearly and I love you.

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